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Summary of The Haftorah:

Haftorah Balak
Michah 5:6 - 6:8

This week's Haftorah is from Micha. Micha prophesized around the year 3200 during the reigns of Achaz and Chikiah. The prophecy in this selection relates to the period prior to the war of Gog and Magog and the coming of Mashiach.

The nations of the world will have assembled against Israel, and the Jews will know that their salvation can only come from G-d. G-d's power will be revealed to everyone and a time of peace and tranquility will envelop humanity. Armies and defenses will no longer be necessary to protect the Jews and the nation's war machinery will be disassembled.

Micha was then commanded to chastise his generation for violating G-d's will, despite all the goodness He had bestowed upon them.

In the final verses of the Haftorah, the prophet tells the nation that true atonement can only be attained through change and action. The ceremonious aspects of devotion, such as sacrifice and prayer, will not accomplish forgiveness. Justice, loving kindness, modesty, humility, and active change are the services that G-d desires.

The connection to our Parsha is the mention of Balak and Billam as examples of G-d’s caring and protection for the Jewish people. The story of Parshas Balak involved G-d protecting us from our enemies even when we were totally unaware of their insidious conspiracies and intentions. Prior to the coming of Mashiach, the Jews will realize that their safety is dependent upon G-d and G-d alone, just as the Jews in the desert were totally dependent upon G-d's continuous protection and intervention.

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Haftorah Summary by Rabbi Aron Tendler

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